Here’s a brief rundown of the work we’ve completed.

In early March, Marie Collins and Tiffany Hsieh first decided to apply to the OLPCorps Africa program. We contacted various NGOs in Africa and decided to partner with the Organization for Good Life of the Marginalized (OGLM) in Uganda. We then sent out emails to a number of computer science and electrical engineering listservs advertising a spot for a third group member to fill the role of our technical lead. After a series of interviews, we invited Billy Grissom, a fourth year Computer Science major, to join our team. Over the next week, we drafted our 750 word proposal and budget, turning it in by the March 27th deadline. Three weeks later, the 15 accepted teams were announced, and we were not on the list. However within a few more days, on April 21st, 15 additional teams were awarded grants, and UC Berkeley OLPC was one of those selected to go to Africa.

Over the last few weeks we have been diligently making arrangements for our trip. Here’s a quick list of things that needed to researched and arranged before leaving:

1. Airfare to Uganda

2. Transportation to the Kigali, Rwanda orientation

3. Yellow fever vaccinations, Ugandan visas, US Passport renewals, anti-malarial prescription, travel insurance

4. Housing and food in our deployment site

5. Transport to and from the airport to the deployment site

6. Tariff laws and payment and/or non-profit exemption on XO shipments to Uganda

7. Solar panel purchase and installation plans

8. Additional deployment material purchases: routers, cables, video cameras

9. In-kind donation collections to give to children: mosquito nets, clothing, etc.

10. Wire transfer of payment to NGO and/or businesses whose services are being used.

11. Lesson planning and correspondence with teachers

12. Fundraising via grants, personal donations, service organizations, etc.