As of now, we’ve completed the bulk of the planning. We booked our flights to Entebbe a few weeks ago. We will be departing from California on June 1 and will arrive on June 3 so that we will be able to spend a few days visiting our deployment site in Buwaiswa and meeting our contact at OGLM before attending the training workshop in Kigali. We plan to purchase solar panels while we are in-country and can personally assess the quality of the panels and the installation needs. If we order them before the orientation, hopefully they will arrive shortly after our return on June 18. On June 7, we will return to Entebbe to meet with the Colorado College OLPCorps team and bus to Rwanda together.

Currently, our primary concern is funding. We did not originally include solar panels in our budget, so we are in search of new sponsorship to cover the costs of adding this $2000+ expenditure. We have contacted numerous solar power NGOs working in Africa and many service organizations in the US so far without success. Since there is no time to plan a fundraising event before we leave, we are hoping to see some positive results from distributing news releases and fundraising letters in the upcoming week.