The last week has been really busy. All three of members of our team were taking finals and moving out of apartments, but we now get one completely free week to finish preparing. We had an hour of meetings with the team and another hour with Bryan Stuart, our OLPC adviser today. The main goal is to continue creating and testing lesson plans for use once the physical deployment has been finished, and to continue working for last-minute funding. It seems like the incredibly short-time line of this project is a fundamental flaw when it comes to fundraising. We contacted organizations like Kiwanis, Rotary, and Lions Clubs a few weeks ago, but never received a response, and since the  clubs usually book speakers weeks in advance, our chances are slim.  Just in case, we have prepared a donation form and budget breakdown for use when presenting to these organizations. Worst case scenario, we may end up taking the Girl Scout cookie approach and camping out in front of Safeway the next few days with an XO and some informational pamphlets. ;P