This will be the last post before we leave. We’ve wrapped up our planning and are just waiting for our flights to take off. Marie gave a brief presentation about the project to her local Kiwanis and Rotary Clubs and 4 different papers have printed stories about the project so far. (You can see one here at Although we anticipate running over budget by 2-3 thousand dollars, we are hopeful that with additional time and the results to show for our work, we will be able to recover the costs when we return to the US.

We’re bringing the following project items with us:

5 XO laptops, 3 routers, USB sticks, 1 external hard drive, 1 Macbook Pro, 3 unlocked cell phones, $2000 cash (in $100 bills printed after the year 2000-they get the best exchange rate)

We’ll buy solar panels, adapters, power strips, cell phone minutes, additional cords and things when we arrive. We’ll also receive a Flip video camera during the Kigali workshop.

In terms of personal items, we’re bringing:

Clothes, towels, sheets, toiletries, anti-malarial medications, medications for the side-affects of the anti-malarials, DEET, sunscreen, sunglasses (the malaria prophylaxis doxycycline causes sun sensitivity), cash/credit cards for personal expenses, international medical insurance cards, money belts, water bottles, iodine tablets.

We’ll buy mosquito nets, additional weather/culture appropriate clothing, and whatever else seems necessary once when we arrive.