After getting back from Kigali, we reflashed all 100 XOs at OGLM’s office in Jinja to take advantage of their power source. From there, we went back to Buwaiswa. Fortunately, the solar panels had been installed while we were in Kigali, so we didn’t lose any time there. However, we began testing the power capabilities of our inverter and found that the inverter would not work with 20 XOs plugged in. Seeing as the installer claimed that 30 XOs could be charged with the inverter that we bought, we were a little upset. Hopefully, when he comes tomorrow, he’ll be able to fix that problem. If not, we can still work out a charging schedule with OGLM’s ICT center in Butabaala. 


Today, we met with the 3 teachers at the school to discuss our deployment plan for the summer. We’ll start working with the teachers tomorrow in one-hour blocks, starting with the basics like write and paint so that they can become familiar with the XO. With that background, we hope that they’ll feel comfortable incorporating the laptop into their teaching. Edith has already been playing with the XO at our house and has learned extremely quickly, especially considering it is her first time using a computer. 


Tomorrow, we will be meeting with the students’ parents to give them an introduction to the XO and fielding any questions they might have about the laptops and their use. We will be having our opening ceremony in about 2 weeks. We plan to work with the teachers this week and spend next week with the kids. We want to spend about a week acquainting them with the XOs before allowing them to take the laptops home. Then, we can hand them out at the ceremony. We’re glad to be getting moving on our plans.


We’ll try to update soon! 


Until next time,

Billy, Marie and Tiffany